What will tomorrow bring?

What will future bring?

What will future bring?

Who knows the the answer? Do you know the answer?

It is not easy to answer that question. Many people before me tried to do it and almost all failed. People believed that in XXI century we will have flying cars and robots will carry us around. None of these things came true and it’s not even certain it will ever become our reality. We try to conquer space, last voyage to the Mars where curiosity presented new way of landing can make us thinking it will not take a long time before we are there for good. However we have to remember that we send only the automatized robots and not humans and we will not do it in the near future because of the economic crises which is sweeping across the globe.

In my opinion it will be a great achievement for humankind to put a man on the Mars before 2030 and there are some new technologies which give us hope it can be done safely and in short period of time(we will write about them in another post). Another thing is how space will affect people flaying to other planets or maybe someday to even galaxy. They will be forced to spend couple months? maybe couple years? in space where there is no gravity and where you cannot simple open the door and go out. Somebody may ask – what about hibernation? I can answer yes….hibernation that is a good idea, hopefully one day scientists will be able to figure that out. All we know today is that many people have been hibernated but none of them have been woken up. As we can see there are many things on our list *to do* we can write about and we will do it in the next posts. I will track down all new things the future may come!!!

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