Pulse engine powered by lithium and deuterium.

Zpinch reaction in lab

Zpinch reaction in lab

Do you remember crystal called dilithium from the world of Star Trek?. It was found on several planets, and was considered a very rare mineral with unique physical properties. This allowed Star Trek to perform interstellar travel. Its chemical symbol was Dt.

In real world Dilithium from the world of Star Trek is Li2 and it is a molecule consisting of two lithium atoms. Researches want to use lit(as LI6) with deuterium to produce fuel in the newly elaborated pulse propulsion. They have been working on it from a while now.

In the Star Trek fictional dilithium regulated matter and antimatter reaction. In reality,  lithium and deuterium will be used for the production of energy in fusion reactions.

Developed engine is based on the phenomenon of drive z-pinch discharge. It consists of passing through fine mesh micro wires mighty power which transforms them into a plasma and produce a very strong magnetic field. Deuterium and lithium atoms are fused, which in turn will generate a given amount of energy capable of allowing vehicle to travel very fast. It is worth noting that the energy produced is much greater than the energy needed to produce it.

The engine generates a pulse-pinch responses almost continuously, providing smooth acceleration. The drive of this type is extremely cost-effective and much more efficient than conventional rocket propulsion. Thanks to it a trip to Mars would take only 6 weeks…

Isn’t that the future???

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