Laptops on the market.

Well, I’d like to talk about the laptops Today. Why? For several reasons. First, I’m looking for 15,6″ or 17″ gaming laptop(since i can take it everywhere) with IPS(Lg) or PLS(Samsung) screen for some time now and guess what? There are none out there… You could say, “yeah but they are new technologies, they need some time to go on the market” and I say that is not true!!!

If you ever saw an IPS or PLS panel in the laptop then you don’t really want anything else(especially TN panel), and they should keep up with the latest. The difference is huge! It’s like compeering a bike with a BMW(better viewing angles, color reproduction and so on). I cannot forget to mention that if you look for a laptop with a slim bezel then you probably won’t find it either… It’s hard to believe how slow manufacturers reacts to peoples needs. It’s like people want something and it is not accessible at that time, and when it is, people already want something else. It looks like really nobody listens to what people want. You may ask give me an example… And an example i shall give you… I bought a Samsung blu ray player and it had a Netflix app…and guess what? It didn’t have caption…App that is the most popular application out there didn’t have a caption, and it was the latest version of Samsung blu ray player(lg tv had it already at that time). I decided to send an email to Samsung and i got replay that I should direct my concerns to Netflix… Yeah, maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t you care about customer’s needs? Like i know many people buy smart tv just for Netflix application and I don’t see that Samsung cares about it in the way it should and just leave that to Netflix. If Netflix decides to make a kick ass application then it’s good if not well that is not my concern…really?(look what Microsoft did with Netflix app when it introduced a Surface)

But yeah…let’s go back to the laptops. What would you change – that is the question? In my opinion Lenovo Yoga 13 is a really good example of good and solid product. Well, except one thing, that i could actually put there a 15,6 screen and remove that huge bezel around it but otherwise it is ok. Ah yeah, I forgot, it doesn’t support WIDI technology…Can you believe that? Laptop which is ideal for presentations doesn’t support WIDI which you can find already in the latest LG tvs(hopefully one day in Samsung’s too – WIDI lets you to extend you pc desktop to TV without using hdmi cable by the way). Many people buy it for business only and I’m sure they’d like to use it…but i guess you still have to carry that heavy laptop with you…so you have to have two laptops, an ultrabook and the old laptop…that is really good solution to our problems.

That is an example of how manufacturers listen to our needs. Why for example they don’t have a poll on their websites where you can choose what is important for us and what would we like to see on the next generation of laptops? I understand they try to make an ideal laptop for us and make it affordable in the same time but they should not forget to make it useful which should be the most important thing. I just wish I could see those amazing looking laptops without a bezel and with screens that we should already have for long time. I know what you ‘re thing right now, won’t be fast, I guess not…

Last thing, I had to return yoga 13(awesome screen by the way) because it didn’t support WIDI(which I used a lot), for some it is important for some not, for me it is… I just hope they will start to see what people really like to have and give us some taste of the future right now…

After all we have some really good concepts out there, below an example of one of them.

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