OLED TVs are finally here!!!

Oled tvWe waited for very long time to be able to see those beautiful TVs and finally they came out. Samsung and Lg are the first to introduce them and pushed them out to the market. Unfortunately oled tvs still cost a lot but that will change eventually so all we have to do is wait.

Both companies went for curved shape (sorry not flat yet) to show off what oled can do (some rumours stated that curved oled are easier to manufacture). However, Lg went for more I would say user friendly look which is just 4mm thick and weighs just 7.5 kg with basically no frame around it. It looks stunning and much better than Samsung’s one.

Why? Because Samsung’s Oled Tv comes with that frame which has built in speakers and that just looks bad. Those TVs were supposed to be super thin and super light. When I look at Samsung’s Oled tv I don’t see that. I see massive tv with odd frame which I just don’t want there. I always imagined Oled TVs as they were simple pictures on the wall that don’t take much space without any frame around it since we don’t really need it!

Samsung Oled Tv

The second important difference is remote control. I tried LG magic remote control in the past (it works like Wii controller) and I just loved it. It was responsive, easy to operate and very efficient.

What does Samsung have? They do have their own version of remote control with track pad but it wasn’t very responsive when I tried it and in order to tape new url in the browser or any word I had to spend just too much time plus I got frustrated because it was so slow and hard to accomplish – it was not very user friendly. You should probably try it on your own to see if that works for you. I wonder if anybody at Samsung’s tried that and was happy with it. It is really hard to believe that they cannot give us something that really works as Lg did. Neverless, you can connect usb keyboard or mouse to Samsung TV but do you really want to have another piece of equipment around when all we want now is less things which can do more.

LG Oled Tv

The last thing is picture quality which is just amazing on both sets. Picture is beautiful, vibrant and sharp. Black is just black.

We waited for very long time to have it and finally it looks that we got it.

That is our future, give it 3-4 years and it will be our present.

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