Samsung Galaxy S4 – user review.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Why user review? Because I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy S4 for around 11 months now so I can tell you few things about that phone. You can find all kinds of reviews out there but this is a real user story review. Finally I’m ready to tell you how my Samsung Galaxy S4 is doing and how I feel about it. So let’s start…

My story began when I decided to upgrade from iphone4 which was/is an awesome phone but I just felt that I needed something bigger with screen size around 5 inches. I thought that it would be better for movies, youtube, browsing etc. and yeah I was so right. However, I was a little bit worried that it might be too big so it won’t feel comfortable in my pocket or in my hand.

Despite my hesitation I went for it and got myself Samsung Galaxy S4.

My first impression was just pure love for this phone. It looked amazing ( I got the black version ). Full HD amoled sharp screen with vibrant colors. Everything looked stunning. Speakers were louder than Iphone 4 and there was only one flaw that I could find. Earphones… yeah those earphone that comes with Samsung Galaxy S4 is just so bad, and the sound quality that I got out of it was not so good. I had to buy my own and I didn’t use them at all. It is a shame since they look like a solid product.

Android system.

This was the first time I was about to experience android operating system, and I was afraid that it might not be as friendly as IOS on iphone 4. Luckily that was not the case, android turned out to be as user friendly as any other operating system and quite fast too. Do I get some lags from time to time? Sure, but they happen hardly ever and they don’t destroy the overall good experience. Moreover, you can find all kind apps in android market nowadays so probably you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t find your favorite app there.

After 11 months…

So it was great, yeah it was. When after 11 months one day came that changed everything. I’ve been always using my Samsung S4 as my night clock. There are some good applications in android market place and the screen size is huge so basically you can see current time without any problems from a fair distance. So one day when I woke up and tried to unlock the screen I noticed that it started flickering. I was scared a little bit, but the issue went away after few hours. I thought that was a one time issue, and I didn’t spend much time on it. But, when it happened next day and day after tomorrow I decided to act. I reset the phone to factory settings and tested the phone. Unfortunately the issue was still happening so I decided to take it to the Bell store so they can send it to Samsung repair center. I thought “yeah, it could happen to anyone, I will send it in, they will fix it. No worries…”.

Problems, problems, problems.

The phone came back around three weeks later and I was excited about it since I had to use my wife’s phone for that time being, so my wife was excited as well :) . After I got a call, I went to Bell store and tested the phone overnight and to my surprise the phone was not fixed. They said that they had replaced something, but it was obvious that whatever they had replaced it was not needed to be replaced. I immediately called Samsung and Bell in order to get some help and they advised me to send it in again.

So I sent it in again, maybe they missed the issue somehow, that is okay, those things happens all the time – I thought. After another 3 weeks I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 back and the issue still was not solved. They again replaced something which didn’t fixed the issue so my guess is they replaced something that was not needed to be replaced again… As you can imagine I got frustrated. I was again advised to send it in again…

Yes, I sent it in again to Samsung repair center and the cellphone came back last week after another 3 weeks without it and the issue is still happening…

Am I disappointed? Yes, I am because I had so good time with this phone.

Two months without my cellphone and it is still not fixed.

The odd part is that the issue sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t. Well, we will see what Samsung says.

The story stands at the point where the phone warranty is almost expired and the issue still persists despite the fact that the phone was already sent three time to Samsung repair center…

I will try again to contact Bell and Samsung in order to get some help and hopefully this story will see the happy ending…

You can see below how the issue looks like:

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