Samsung Smart hub problems!!!


smart hub problems

Samsung has just given us an example how to not introduce an update….

I bought a samsung smart tv led series 7 7100 last month, and at first I was very happy with it until i realized that when i use smart hub and run some of the applications my remote control stops working from distance grater that 1 meter!!!(tv starts responding to remote control after 2 minutes but still not to all clicks…). Yeah, i could live with that(somehow) but that what happened couple days ago was just unbelievable. Samsung which planed to introduce new smart hub for its 2013 smart tv line(at that time i was hoping maybe 2012 models would get that new version too) made some kind of update? or whatever that was which caused many problems with smart hub, including:

- no internet connection in smart hub menu when tv options shows that it’s connected in fact,

- wrong or missing icons

- missing and not working applications

- after resetting smart hub it doesn’t show Privacy Policy and Term of Service and therefore it’s doing nothing and smart hub is totally useless.

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So all of these happened on Sunday(6th of June 2013) and what was fixed by then… Well i still have problems with missing applications and wrong icons but i can at least use Netflix now. Unfortunately i still have problems with my remote control…

So the question is: how Samsung could roll out such a huge update and didn’t even bother to notify anybody about it and why it’s not fixed yet!!!

or, why Samsung doesn’t address the issue on forums or on its website and why there is nobody out there who can be in touch with customers when something like that happens, maybe on twitter???

I don’t know about you but i think that perhaps Samsung was so busy on CES 2013 with showing off its new awesome products that it forgot about the customers who decided to trust it… I’m just hoping that we won’t become less important customers(tv with old version of smart hub) now because Samsung will support and spend only(most of) its time on new version of smart hub in the future.

I’m just really disappointed in Samsung, really…

Link to the thread about the problem: Samsung smart hub thread

and below you can see what i can see on my tv…

Update to remote control problem: Samsung technician finally fixed that by replacing wire connecting remote control sensor with motherboard, so it was not a software issue. According to him, there was some kind of interference between wires.

Update: It seems that it’s been finally fixed.


smart hub problems

24 thoughts on “Samsung Smart hub problems!!!

  1. 1-10-16. UH TV. Smart Hub not pulling up icon, then stopped working altogether. Samsung tech helped redo remote. ICONs there now. No NETFLIX startup. Message :Smart Hub updating, try later. How long??

  2. You’re absolutely right I am disgusted with Samsung I bought a Smart TV, the hub is not working call twice, I got absolutely no support. I am going to put a report on YouTube about their customer service and I’m going back to Sony what a disappointment.

    • Yeah I am stuck with it too. I am thinking about Roku 3 or android TV. Samsung should introduce new Tizen operating system in their new TVs. LG webOS 2.0 seems to be nice.


  4. My sister saved this blog for me and I have been reading through it for the past several hrs. This is really going to help me and my friends for our class project.

  5. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! Its always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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  7. So I have been reading a number of blogs and totally frustrated. I have read in several remarks that it has taken as little as 2 hours to 2-3 days to reset. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING!! Is anyone else having this same problem today? 1/21/14?

    • I have problems with my samsung hub all the time. Sometimes it says there is no connection, sometimes netflix doesn’t want to load up moves and i have to re-login again and again.

  8. Everyone is talking about resetting their DVD players in here. How do you do that? We are trying to change the email and password for Netflix but we can’t figure out how to eliminate the current info stored in the DVD. Help anyone?

    • Try that: Page 1. Reset Your Blu-ray Power on your Blu-ray player and tune your TV to the input where the Blu-ray player is connected. For example, if the Blu-ray player is connected to HDMI 1 press the TV input/source/line button to tune your TV to HDMI 1. Remove any disc from the player and then press and hold the Stop button on the front of the player, not the remote, for about 8 seconds or until the front display reads ‘SETUP’. ‘Resetting all settings to default values…’ is displayed on your TV screen as the Blu-ray player powers off and resets. The Blu-ray player is automatically powered on after the reset and the select Language screen is displayed.

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  10. Hi, was that 001033 version? I got it too and I don’t have issue that you have mentioned, try to reset your unit.

  11. Hello, lately I had a software update on my UE40ES8000 Smart tv. Now when I want to select a channel over 9 ( 10, 20 ,30 or higher) I only get the channel with the first digit. So when I choose channel 41 I get 4 and when I select 98 I get 9. Also when I use my smartphone and the app “Samsun smart view” or I use my external keyboard I have the same problem. Can somebody help me?

  12. I agree with the statement: It’s not important that you made a mistake or error, it’s important how you deal with it. And you know what? Samsung’s actions already have attracted bad publicity because it doesn’t support its customers….

  13. I have owned my TV for about 8 months and last night (for the first time) I noticed “New Apps” in the Samsung Apps and so I clicked on it and clicked ok for the update [Huge mistake] It then went through a delete process (17 apps deleted, Iplayer, Youtube, LoveFilms etc etc.) and I expected it then to upload the revised apps but instead it went back to the Smarthub screen). I tried a smarthub rest and still my apps are missing. I agree with the above. A statement should be made on their website but I guess that would attract bad publicity.

  14. Smart hub reset itself yesterday again and i had to install everything all again, how long is it going to last??? They don’t even want to inform us what the problem is….

  15. Called Samsung 8:30AM PST, They told me Smart Hub is down and to try again in 2 or 3 days. I ask if there was a Smart Hub weather report on their site. Nope. You have to call Support for updates. Sux

  16. I just bought Samsung TV because in my opinion it has superior picture quality over other manufactures and it’s the most important thing for me. However if LG has the same picture quality as Samsung then i would definitely go with LG and its 3d, magic remote control(which is great) and other features. Before my 7100 Samsung tv i had LG 46 led tv 7600 and i couldn’t get the same picture quality…. Unfortunately Samsung doesn’t do a good job with customer support….and makes mistakes like this one which push people away….I really wish they had somebody who would look after customers….

  17. My screen looks similar to yours, but I don’t have you tube, facebook, or netflix. I just purchased my Samsung tv less than a week ago and thought I bought a defective tv. I’m thinking about returning it (which is a hassle) and getting a regular tv because the samsung smart tv feature isn’t smart at all. So frustrating.

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