Samsung Smart hub problems!!!


smart hub problems

Samsung has just given us an example how to not introduce an update….

I bought a samsung smart tv led series 7 7100 last month, and at first I was very happy with it until i realized that when i use smart hub and run some of the applications my remote control stops working from distance grater that 1 meter!!!(tv starts responding to remote control after 2 minutes but still not to all clicks…). Yeah, i could live with that(somehow) but that what happened couple days ago was just unbelievable. Samsung which planed to introduce new smart hub for its 2013 smart tv line(at that time i was hoping maybe 2012 models would get that new version too) made some kind of update? or whatever that was which caused many problems with smart hub, including:

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OLED TVs are finally here!!!

Oled tvWe waited for very long time to be able to see those beautiful TVs and finally they came out. Samsung and Lg are the first to introduce them and pushed them out to the market. Unfortunately oled tvs still cost a lot but that will change eventually so all we have to do is wait.

Both companies went for curved shape (sorry not flat yet) to show off what oled can do (some rumours stated that curved oled are easier to manufacture). However, Continue reading

Skylon – next era of space planes.

Skylon is a space plane being developed by British company Reaction Engines Limited, and is being built as the world’s first fully reusable space plane! (a spacecraft that can take off and land horizontally like a conventional aircraft – first space vehicle which can do such thing). Each Skylon space plane is intended to be reusable over 200 times. It is a huge improvement over any space vehicle in active use nowadays.

What is so special about the plane? Its engines called Sabre, which are  Continue reading

Dark Matter Secrets Solved?

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

AMS is a special experimental ISS module, which aims to accurately measure the flux of charged cosmic rays at low terrestrial orbit. With it, it is possible to study the formation of the universe, the search for evidence of the existence of strange particles, dark matter and antimatter. The unit was installed on the ISS 19 May 2011.

The researchers believe that the main component of dark matter is WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles). Although AMS is unable to detect them directly, by measuring the physical values used to describe them, their detection becomes possible Continue reading

Laptops on the market.

Well, I’d like to talk about the laptops Today. Why? For several reasons. First, I’m looking for 15,6″ or 17″ gaming laptop(since i can take it everywhere) with IPS(Lg) or PLS(Samsung) screen for some time now and guess what? There are none out there… You could say, “yeah but they are new technologies, they need some time to go on the market” and I say that is not true!!! Continue reading

Pulse engine powered by lithium and deuterium.

Zpinch reaction in lab

Zpinch reaction in lab

Do you remember crystal called dilithium from the world of Star Trek?. It was found on several planets, and was considered a very rare mineral with unique physical properties. This allowed Star Trek to perform interstellar travel. Its chemical symbol was Dt.

In real world Dilithium from the world of Star Trek is Li2 and it is a molecule consisting of two lithium atoms. Researches want to use lit(as LI6) with deuterium to produce fuel in the newly elaborated pulse propulsion. They have been working on it from a while now.

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